The Boy slightly earlier in time, allegedly Statutory Rape of 15 year old boy - by Randy Boehning UNDISPUTED

Opinion based on HARD fact !

 "Love is like a Rock"
        Donny Iris

GOP Top Boy ! 

(TEACHERS - HANDS OFF ! Boy Bung is only for connected politicians) 

Around the newsroom - his (putative) Mother is sometimes referred to as Rooster. 

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ !

How is that Minot Police Department investigation coming to identify the other adult male --- clue ! PD ----  "TOP MAN" !

What is an explanation for Minot Police, NDGOP, Judge Mattson to act strictly as God does not exist? Clearly it appears to be - the denial of Death - Terror Management ..... at the extreme expense of those who they deem are disposable... to wit - the video - the denial of death...

it follows - mass bankruptcies of Bakken oil exploration - vastly overextended (compare Continental Resources cash on hand to liabilities and consider the effect of rising interest rates on that debt and a cost of production in the Bakken of what?? eighty dollars a barrel?) - further drastic cut-backs in ND budget. 

Million barrel a day oil production in ND and biennium after biennium the state budget must be slashed - in part because of cutting the oil extraction tax - where is a responsible governance?

Research collapse at the two research universities and a plunging in the national ratings of those universities - one of the U Presidents states morale has never been lower - just wait for the Continental bankruptcy (interest rate increase effect on debt service)  and the Governor's Blueberry greenhouses to capture the flared natural gas. Guess which happens first and the other not at all. 

A 100 year flood plan for Fargo taking clues from Minot parking pit plans - and 1000 year Minot floods every 30-40 years - Canadian dams that will never provide protection for Minot - coming Dr. Jordan B. Peterson's comments on the ready to fail in advance flood planning about the USA - as compared to 10,000 year sea flood planning by the Dutch. 

2,3, 4 + billion dollar taxation for a 100 year flood plan to enrich construction firms and politicians when all history indicates such a weak plan will fail.  

Consider the look away of then Mayor Dennis Wallacker and now Fargo Mayor Timothy J. Mahoney while Roers' Construction built the Fargo Public Works building in a substandard and shoddy and negligent manner. The next year another Contractor had to be brought in to tear the Roers' Construction "work" of previous year down to the footings. It's underpinnings of such planning it is here submitted is the Denial of Death and terror management - desiring to place their name everywhere at the expense of the lives of their lessors - the the lessors life circumstances.

The denial of death video above.

" We are led by nothing but the sluggish inertia of unfocused minds"

Ayn Rand

Video above is Chris Hedges - speaking at The Sanctuary for New Media at Troy, New York 3 November 2018 "American Anomie"

No more state sponsored retribution and murder plots - insofar as they exist aimed at harming Mr. Charles Soper while the state's darling child anal sex master Rep Randy Boehning lurks about the prairie doing what he allegedly and undisputed does, justice be damned, equality before the law non-existent.

Hands off Charles Soper! - mentally - physically and get him an actual attorney for post conviction relief. 

Mr. Myers call in the FBI - the Honorable Mr. Jeff Sessions, Attorney General of the United States to get to the facts of the matter ----- Mr. Chris Myers Acting US Attorney of North Dakota.  

Harm to Mr. Soper is state planned and carried out harm.......   is their any - a scintilla of fact that points elsewhere....?  Keep Mr. Patterson well - well away of Mr. Soper.  18 months for Mr. Patterson - that means at that rate he can kill another 22 innocent citizens and still be sentenced to less time than Mr. Soper.  While Mr. Boehning who had sex with Mr. Mathew Thrailkill then 15 - likely in the same bed at same social encounter at Mr. Soper's, gets to walk free with the knowledge of a sizable portion of the "state" government. Or so the theory and story goes without dispute. 

Two divorces -  Wrigley's mistress family and the Boy's parents because certain politicians just have to, HAVE TO do it, marriage and age of parties making no difference with non disclosure agreements and corrupt legal counsel.  

Report of Minot Police Department Investigations Officer (now SGT) Greg Johnson that refers repeatedly to a third man (think TOP MAN Randy Boehning) Minot Police Department Chief declined to answer this writers question as to what kind of professional police department would not look into the identities of the other men involved. 

Individuals who were not in the sex room with Soper, young Thrailkill (then 15) and it is alleged Representative Boehning say yeah it was Boehning. Boehning has not disputed this writers questions that asked if he were third man having anal with Soper and most criminally young Thrailkill. 

Judge Mattson is so considerate - by the leave of the court itself - with no motion from either party to help insure Soper can get a fair trial - How very considerate! while Mr. Soper is nearly totally isolated with incompetent counsel - Eric Bauman - all the while desiring and implementing prosecution recommendation from months before - 50 years in prison - 15 suspended.... While it is alleged that Judge Mattson stated something to the effect to Mr. Soper to watch it as he (Mattson) may still be on the bench when Soper gets out - October 2044. 

Some reports state that a pre-sentance investigation was ordered - Ward County States Attorney can produce no such thing. Judge Mattson stated that he supposed the boy had been effected by the events. The boy Thrailkill joined Grindr under at least two occasion - each time stating as terms of agreement that he was at least 18 years of age. Bauman raised essentially no defense. Soper stated in communicatin to this wrioter that Judge Mattson berated Bauman for stupid moitions and lack of preparation and always ruled in favor of prosecution motions.  No interest of police or prosecutors or defense as to the identiy of the other men. Naw a payoff and non-disclosure agreement is likely to have been executed to protect Boehning. Who was the legal representative - best bet Rick Berg's personal attorney District 27 State Senator Jon Casper.

Matthew Thrailkill was whisked out of state to Colorado pronto.  $$$ The Thrailkill parents divorced like Drew Wrigley Mistress Melissa Buck Pinks and her then husband Eugene Scooter Pinks III. Wrigley bleats he admitted the affair to his wife Kathleen - other reports state Scooter went to Kathleen with the facts. Wrigley continued that they sought counseling and support from theri pastor. blah blah. No mention of breaking up another family with children - but of course cash and non-disclosure agreement took care of some things...... Joke! For entertainment purposes only!

How does Gerald VandeWalle know Ryan Rauchenberger is having her period?

She can taste the shit of Matthew Thrailkill on Randy Boehning clit.

Does Judge Mattson detest CJ VandeWalle Homosexuality???? And can only strike at Soper - Boehning all cloaked with privilege.   Is the state hoping and planning a Charles Soper killing and intimidation to derive him nuts? Give him debilitating psy treatment - med and/or electrical shock?

Mr. Soper sent this writer a visitation form - indicating I was (and am his friend - although we have not met...... Mr. Soper requires out of state legal counsel to present his case to the Federal Courts - 

Corrections will not allow visitation between us as they know it is likely the whole corrupt enterprise by the state will be revealed. Hands off Charles Soper! 

Mr. Soper can name the other men.. He has been beaten by a Nathan Houle in the ND Pen - to within an inch of his life and has PTSD - for which the staff will provide no access it appears to Doctor - counselor etc.  NOR HAS STAFF APPARENTLY INFORMED MR. SOPER THAT WRITER HAD INDEED RETURNED THE VISITATION FORM.

Mr. Soper requires help - legal, medical and visits from Legal Guild, ACLU, Amnesty International - International Red Cross, Ministers, concerned citizens, - all. Do not allow the state - the corrupt state to further harm Charles Soper - while Randy Boehning appears on the ballor for re-election as District 27 ND State Representative.